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All of the Other Herbs You Can Smoke

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All of the Other Herbs You Can Smoke

Cannabis isn’t the only plant that humans have been smoking for centuries.

It seems second nature for humans to try smoking the plants around them. For centuries, we’ve sparked up hundreds of botanicals—discovering medicinal benefits, bad trips, and pleasant buzzes as we explored the expanses of the plant world.

Cannabis may be the herb of the moment, but the normalization of weed and alternative wellness journeys in general has ushered in a broader herbal renaissance that’s bringing a variety of plants into pipes and papers everywhere. Herbal smoking blends peppered with rose petals and lavender buds are in style right now.

Looking at the content of today’s wellness trends, it makes sense: Aesthetically, herbal remedies are prime for social media content—not to mention more welcome on social media than cannabis—and smoking them is less intoxicating, allowing for those with lower tolerances the ability to enjoy a proper, botanically rich smoke sesh without losing the rest of their day to a streaming platform.

None of the following herbs are going to feel as strong as cannabis. When we say intoxicating, it’s very slight. But when combined together by knowledgeable herbalists, these herbs can have a harmonious effect that creates a more potent impact.

There is much research to be done in this space—and even more herbs being smoked than the 37 listed here—and although the anecdotal data for many of these ancient herbs has been amassed over multiple decades and continents, most herbs have not had studies conducted in regards to smoking them. While this list sheds some light on how these herbs can affect our bodies and our smoke seshes, it’s best to do your own research before embarking on new herbal adventures.

It’s a powerful thing to seek out alternative wellness and recreation ingredients that work with one’s unique body, and with great power comes great responsibility. Smoke safely.

Blue Cornflower

The vibrant petals of this flower are called upon often as a natural food coloring, a multipurpose medicinal tea, and for a smooth herbal smoke. This one’s a favorite among herbalists—harder to source but a delicious, soothing addition to any DIY blend.
Find it in: Meo Marley’s Exhale Herbal Rolling Filler

Barbari Airplane Mode Herbal Blend | Barbari

Blue Lotus

This blue water lily, also known as Egyptian Lotus, has a mildly sedating effect that ancient civilizations discovered long ago, featuring it in rituals and as well as using it as a tool to lucid dream. You’d have to smoke much more of this plant than is typically sprinkled in smoking blends to experience significant psychoactive effects, but it’s a great addition for sleepier or more spiritual smoke seshes.
Find it in: Barbari Airplane Mode Herbal Blend & More Fya Sacred Ceremony Herbal Smoke Blend

Blue Vervain

An herb in traditional Chinese medicine, this spearheaded wildflower can quiet the mind, reduce stress and boost mood when smoked. It’s shown to have a positive impact on those dealing with depression.
Find it in: Miss Grass Hemp + Herb Minis For Sleep


Calamus is a swampy plant with an intoxicating, spicy fragrance, which can have a clarifying effect on the body and mind. It’s often recommended for helping the body detoxify when quitting tobacco or taking a THC break.
Find it in: Grandfather’s Spirit Medicine Moon Smoking Blend

Bear Blend
Bear Blend Original Ceremonial Blend | Bear Blend


Also known as marigold flowers, calendula has been consumed recreationally as far back as the ancient Mayans. It has a smooth floral and citrus taste when smoked, and those citrusy terpenes can result in an uplifting mood boost.
Find it in: Bear Blend Original Ceremonial Blend


While this herb won’t have the same effect on you that it does on your cat, smoking small amounts can have a pleasantly sedating effect.
Find it in: Puff Herbals Sleepy Spliffs

Terra Luna Herbals
Terra Luna Exhale Herbal Smoke Blend | Terra Luna Herbals


That gently sweet flavor of chamomile is easy to get lost in a stronger-flavored smoke blend, but the relieving effects should shine through every sesh.
Find it in: Terra Luna Exhale Herbal Smoke Blend


This traditional Chinese medicine has been considered a healthier tobacco alternative for decades, with many cigarette-styled packs of d" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer sponsored" data-orig-url=" d" data-ml-id="0" data-ml="true" data-xid="fr1659035707974ggf">chrysanthemum joints—which have a chamomile-like flavor—available in Asian markets.
Find it in: Lit Rituals Solar Tea Tokes


Considered an aphrodisiac by some ancient civilizations, this tropical yellow flower lends a smooth, slight hickory-flavored hint to any smoke blend. It may help get one’s mojo back, or it may just provide a gentle mood lift.
Find it in: Ouid Arouse Herbal Blend


Along with fortifying immune systems, echinacea can support respiratory systems and aid recovery of lungs when quitting smoking.
Find it in: Soje Floral Pack

Gotu Kola

This leafy plant has long been used as a medicinal herb for its stimulating mental effects when steeped or smoked. A useful addition for any mood-boosting, anti-depressive blends.
Find it in: Enlite Social Smoking Blend


A flowering tree that almost looks like cherry blossoms, hawthorne has been consumed to support heart health for hundreds of years. It’s unclear if those properties are transferred when smoked, but eating the plant’s berries can provide a sense of balance and counteract insomnia.
Find it in: The Herb Shoppe Sacred Smoke Blend

Elle's Elixirs
Elle’s Elixir No. 2 | Elle's Elixirs


When consumed in moderation, hibiscus can be a soothing, flavorful smoke that promotes both healthy digestion and libido. The tropical blooms are packed with antioxidants and tied to a wealth of other positive impacts on our health.
Find it in: Elle’s Elixir No. 2

Holy Basil

Also known as tulsi, this ayurvedic herb is packed with adaptogens and considered a true super plant of nature. When smoked, the full-bodied flavor almost has a menthol effect and can provide a calming sensation afterwards.
Find it in: Miss Grass Hemp + Herb Minis For Pleasure


With a subtle sweet, floral note and a boat load of antioxidants, the more laborious nature of sourcing these delicate blossoms must be the only reason it isn’t found in more blends. It’s associated with stress-relieving and sensually-stimulating effects when smoked.
Find it in: Sunday’s Company Lover’s Sip & Smoke Herbal Blend

Drew Martin
Drew Martin Lavender and Passionflower Pre-Rolls | Drew Martin


Yes, you can smoke lavender! That signature lavender fragrance doesn’t dominate flavor in a smoke blend like you might expect, instead adding a lightly sweet, floral flavor to each relaxing toke.
Find it in: Drew Martin Lavender and Passionflower Pre-Rolls

Rebis Blends
Rebis Blends Green Dream | Rebis Blends


Here is where the subtle citrus taste can be accompanied by bright, uplifting effects. Yep—it’s not super common, but this popular culinary ingredient can be added to an herbal smoke blend to balance flavor and effect.
Find it in: The Herb Shoppe Aphrodite Smoke Blend

Licorice Root

A part of traditional Chinese medicine and ayurveda, the naturally-sweet flavor and throat-soothing properties of licorice—among its other healing benefits—make it a smooth, tasty addition to herbal smokes.
Find it in: Grandfather’s Spirit, Grandmother’s Blessing Blend


With an herbal, slightly floral flavor and a smooth pull, linden is a frequently called upon ingredient for conventional herbal cigarettes. Linden teas are a popular option for a relaxing, end-of-the-day readjustment, so smoking it could have similar effects.
Find it in: Rituals + Ceremony Heart Blend

Marshmallow Leaf

A common ingredient in throat-soothing herbal teas of today, this ancient herb is revered for a variety of medicinal purposes. The sweet flavor and smoother smoke are ideal for those seeking herbs to help them wean off cigarettes.
Find it in: Good Grief Harvest Moon Blend


Also known as “the dream herb,” mugwort has had a multifaceted relationship with humans for many generations. From supporting lucid dreams to key applications in traditional Chinese medicine and relaxing the mind and body when smoked, you’ll find the wonder herb across the alternative wellness spectrum.
Find it in: Ouid’s Relax Herbal Blend


Practitioners of traditional medicine have long smoked the leaves of this plant for positive effects on the pulmonary system. The neutral flavor and feel as it’s smoked has made mullein a common base component in a lot of smoking blends.
Find it in: 69 Herbs Spliff Blend & Puff Herbals Signature Spliffs

The Herb Shoppe
The Herb Shoppe


This pokey, stinging plant has a long history of medical use. When sprinkled in with other base herbs, nettle can support a smoother smoke that’s less damaging to the pulmonary system.
Find it in: The Herb Shoppe Lung Liberator Smoke Blend


One of the prettiest plants in traditional medicine, the purple blossoms of the passionflower can be as intoxicating as they look. Sometimes associated with aphrodisiac effects, it’s most likely you’ll just feel a mellow, pleasant buzz.
Find it in: High Sun Low Moon Passionflower Blend


There is a reason menthols have been a popular cigarette varietal for over a century. Mint tastes delicious, freshening up your breath and your mind when smoked, lending an invigorating addition to any blend. It can be a dominating flavor, so if you’re rolling your own blends and don’t want to overpower the other herbals, sprinkle lightly.
Find it in: Good Smoke Peppermint Blend

Barbari Herbal Blends
Barbari Herbal Blends | Barbari

Raspberry Leaf

Used as a medicinal tea for womb health for hundreds of years, raspberry leaf is a popular base herb in many smoking blends. Longtime smokers enjoy the texture that raspberry leaf adds to each pull, finding it a satisfying substitute for tobacco.
Find it in: Ouid’s Uplift Herbal Blend & Barbari Herbal Blends


Rose is one of those magical plants—not unlike cannabis—with an endless list of applications in our lives. Concentrated rose oil has analgesic and moisturizing effects on our skin; rosewater is a nutritious and delicious ingredient in food and drinks; and smoking dried rose petals can imbue a calming, slightly euphoric sensation alongside its subtly sweet flavor.
Find it in: High Sun Low Moon God Leaf Blend


This essential cooking herb also happens to make a great, mildly flavored smoking herb, often called upon in blends and for those seeking tobacco alternatives. Just be careful about the varieties—salvia officinalis or “common sage” has no significant psychological effects, but salvia divinorum is what they used to make salvia, that intense, short-lived psychedelic substance formerly sold at head shops.
Find it in: Barbari Herbal Blends & The Herb Shoppe Smoking Blends


Another ancient herb long used in medicinal teas and tinctures, skullcap has a pleasant, cinnamon-like scent and flavor that can be accompanied by feelings of mellow relaxation.
Find it in: Puff Herbals Stimulating Smoke Blend

Bear Blend
Bear Blend

Saint John’s Wort

The bright yellow flowers of St. John’s Wort have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, but there’s modern studies that have demonstrated its antidepressant properties as well. Note that this herb can counteract certain forms of contraceptives.
Find it in: Bear Blend Moon Ceremonial Blend

Uva Ursi

Also known as Bearberry and Kinnikinnick in First Nations communities, which translates to “smoking mixture,” this berry shrub beloved by bears has been smoked for centuries. Some hold that it can soothe headaches when smoked, as well as create slightly intoxicating effects.
Find it in: Good Grief Time Warp Blend

Barbari Car Sex Herbal Blend
Barbari Car Sex Herbal Blend | Barbari

Wild Dagga

Also known as lion’s tail, the bright orange petals of wild dagga have had spiritual and medicinal applications for centuries. Smoking it can result in a pleasant buzz—slightly giddy and calming—and it’s also been associated with relieving headaches.
Find it in: Barbari Car Sex Herbal Blend


Despite being a fundamental ingredient in absinthe, smoking wormwood won’t bring about significant psychedelic effects. It may do something to calm the nerves and offer pain relief, though, and it’s a smooth, pleasant smoke when combusted.
Find it in: Puff Herbals Signature Smoke Blend

What Was Smoking Blend
What Was Smoking Blend | Commend


Like the dainty sweet, floral flavor it lends to desserts, violet makes for a subtle yet visually splashy ingredient in a smoking blend. Based on the effects of violet tea, it’s possible smoking violet can relieve menstrual and digestive discomfort.
Find it in: What Was Smoking Blend


An herb found throughout traditional medicinal practices, yarrow leaves can be smoked to reduce inflammation and anxiety, and in some can cases have an analgesic effect on oral pain. It’s a good herb for daytime seshes, with more stimulating effects.
Find it in: The Spiceworks Twilight Herbal Blend

Yerba Santa

Native Americans used this coastal plant for a variety of medicinal applications, both a poultice and to support respiratory health. It’s purported to have calming and clarifying effects with a pretty unnoticeable flavor when smoked.
Find it in: Drew Martin Calendula and Yerba Santa Pre-Rolls