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Many years ago I purchased an inexpensive glass topped vaporizer, because I had learned that the use of one of these devices was supposed to be very good for the lungs. At the time I was already producing high quality oils from many different varieties of medicinal Indica strains, so instead of vaporizing the bud material I decided to use some of these oils to produce the vapor which I then inhaled.

Since I am a smoker, the use of the vaporizer caused me to cough a great deal, after I had inhaled the vapor this device produced.  But since I felt that this was good for my lungs, I continued to use the vaporizer 2 to 3 times a week, even though I did not enjoy all the coughing involved with its use.

As time went by, the glass bottle on top of the vaporizer, which collected the vapor from all the different oils I was producing and vaporizing, began to turn a golden yellow color.  As I continued to vaporize all these different oils, the cannabinoids they contained continued to build up on the inside of the bottle, until golden drops began to form and then the drops started to run down the inside of the bottle.

In the past, I had collected some of the resins from different pipes I had been using to smoke cannabis and many of the different various oils I produced, in the hope that they still might contain something of value? But I soon discovered that these resins, which had already been burned while smoking them were worthless, so I did not go through the bother of trying to collect this substance it any longer.

One day I decided that I should clean the bottle on the top of the vaporizer, with the intention of simply disposing of the resins which had built up over time, because I thought that they would be of no value medicinally or otherwise. So I warmed up a little alcohol and then used it to dissolve the resins, by simply applying a small amount of pressure with my finger to help remove the resins, which had collected after months of use.

I then took the bottle outside with the intention of throwing its contents away and I was just about to do so, when I suddenly realized that the cannabinoids within the bottle had never really been burned, they had only been vaporized. So I emptied the contents of the bottle into a stainless steel measuring cup and put it on a coffee warmer, to evaporate the alcohol off and see if indeed this substance still contained any potency. Within about 30 minutes the alcohol had evaporated away leaving a beautiful transparent amber oil behind, which seemed to have a reddish tinge.

But I still thought that this substance was probably worthless, because everything I had learned had stated that if cannabinoids are exposed to light and heat, their potency will diminish quite rapidly. The vaporizer which I had been using was kept on a counter next to a window, so it received a great deal of light every day and the cannabinoids had been heated many times, since I used the vaporizer quite often. So I still did not expect what was to come next, when I put a very small amount of this oil on a cigarette paper and then added tobacco.  I had smoked joints laced with high quality oils countless times, but the effects of this oil seemed to be many times stronger, than any oil I had ever encountered before.

After taking the first puff from this joint, I experienced what I can only describe as a coughing fit and immediately I felt the need to go lay down.   The potency of this substance seemed to be beyond belief and it had the same effect on a very good friend of mine, who said that he had never smoked anything, which was so potent in his entire life.

At that time I had already supplied oil to many people, who used it to deal with their medical problems and due to the oils effects, skin cancer had become very simple to heal in most cases. Often people who had skin cancer had told me that during treatment with the oil they had experienced, slight tugging sensations in the area being treated.

Since I had a patient under treatment at the time who was suffering with skin cancer, I decided to try this new oil which I had begun to refer to as being Super Oil on his skin cancer, to see what it would do. Within an hour after applying this new oil, the patient told me that the tugging sensations were so extreme that it gave him some discomfort, in the area being treated. So what this patient experienced, had told me that this new Super Oil was likely much more effective, in the treatment of cancer and various other medical conditions as well.

By that time I had come into contact with a couple of individuals, who are regarded as being experts in this field, but when I told them about this new oils effects, they just brushed it off as if it didn’t mean a thing. In addition, I had come into contact with a lady named Shona Banda from the US, who used the oil she had collected from a vaporizer, to treat her Crohn’s disease very effectively and now she was back in a state of good health. But after looking into the potency of oils collected from vaporizers, I learned that they are usually only in the 80% THC range, so I was somewhat disappointed with these findings.

The oils that I was producing using the same methods which I had showed the public, often proved to be 90% THC or even more, so this too gave me some doubts about what I thought I had discovered. Since I felt that these experts probably knew a lot more about this subject than I did, I remained quiet about this topic for quite some time, because I did not wish to make claims which had not really been proven. But every now and then, the effects I had witnessed with this new oils use, popped back into my mind so I decided to inform the public about what I had learned.

In the hope that we can bring this oil up to even higher levels of purity and medical potency and by doing so, this should provide patients with serious medical conditions an even better chance to survive. After looking into this subject a bit more deeply, I learned that Shona Banda had been using bud to vaporize the cannabinoids off, which she had then collected and used as a medicine.  But I had been vaporizing high quality oils to vaporize the cannabinoids from, so I came to realize that this was probably why, the oil I had collected from my vaporizer, was so much more potent than any oils I had seen in the past.

With this in mind I have come to believe that oils collected in this manner, could indeed be much more effective than even the high quality oils I used to produce following my methods, to treat any number of serious medical conditions.

If what I strongly suspect is true, by simply vaporizing the cannabinoids off high quality extracts, or resins which have been cleaned and dried properly and then collecting the cannabinoids they contain, from the dome of a properly designed vaporizer.  Could very well take this medication to a whole new level of healing abilities and for many, this could mean the difference between life and death, for those who are currently suffering.

It could only be said that the oils I used to produce, did have amazing healing abilities.  But still, they would have contained small amounts of substances such as plant waxes, which could be removed without having an impact on the remaining oils healing properties. By vaporizing these extracts or resins and allowing the vaporized cannabinoids to collect on the dome of the vaporizer, any unwanted substances that the extracts or resins had contained, would be left behind in the bowl of the vaporizer.

By using this method, it would certainly bring the resulting oils after they were collected from the dome of the vaporizer, up to their highest levels of purity. But by removing this small amount of unwanted substances from the oil, still does not explain why the resulting oil can be so much more medicinally active? Experts have informed me that the method I showed the public concerning the production of these oils, achieved perfect decarboxylation. So why, would the oils collected from the dome of a vaporizer after high quality oils have been vaporized, appear to be so much more medicinally active and more potent even when smoked?

As yet, I still do not have an answer to this question, but I strongly suspect that the higher temperatures within the vaporizer, were having a medicinally beneficial effect on the oils potency, which at present we still do not understand.

There are problems for the average person, associated with this method of producing the purest and most medicinally active oils possible, so I will list some of them below. As I have already stated, I used different varieties of Indica to produce what is now commonly called the Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. But most people do not have access as I did, to the many different varieties of cannabis which can produce oils that have various healing abilities.  So this will probably prevent most individuals from mixing the different types of oils in the vaporizer dome, which I feel are required to produce these new super oils and bring them up, to their highest medicinal levels.

In my opinion, to improve the oils purity and medical potency, several different oils should be vaporized to allow the cannabinoids from these different oils, to mix together in the dome of the vaporizer. Indica strains can produce oils which contain various healing abilities, so to produce what I commonly call a cure all, you would need to vaporize many different types of oil from different strains of Indica. So the resulting oil collected from the dome of the vaporizer, would have a wide variety of healing abilities.

For the most part, Indica strains are effective in the treatment of cancer, but often patients also suffer with other medical problems as well, so to provide an oil which would work even better for these patients to solve their other medical difficulties.

I always preferred to mix the oils from different varieties of cannabis together and the results these mixed oils achieved, proved to me that mixing these different oils was a very good idea.

In addition, it would take quite some time to vaporize the medicinal cannabinoids off these different oils and allow the cannabinoids, to form in layer upon layer inside the dome of the vaporizer, so they could mix together and then be collected. Mixing different medicinal extracts together before they are vaporized should also achieve the same effect, so I will leave it up to you, as to what method that you choose to use. Vaporizers which are commonly available are really ill suited to perform this task, because they usually have very small domes to collect the cannabinoids and often they are not air tight, so this can allow some of the cannabinoids to escape into the surrounding atmosphere. But with a little know how and a few mechanical skills, I think that many of us could build a unit such as the one I am about to describe, which could accomplish this task much more effectively.

To produce these oils on a larger scale using this method, you would need to build a vaporizer which has a large bowl to hold the extracts or resins you intend to vaporize and the vaporizer, would also require a much larger collection dome. In addition, it might also prove to be of some benefit to control the temperature of the dome, while the unit is operating.  So the cannabinoids would adhere to the inside of the dome more readily and this could be accomplished with the use of a fan, or other manners of controlling the domes temperature, while it is in operation.

The collection dome could then be installed on an angle, which would allow the cannabinoids to slowly run down to the domes lowest point, where a small drain valve would be installed to drain the resulting oil off. It would take quite some time before the cannabinoids, would build up to a thick enough level that gravity would then cause them, to begin to run to the domes lowest point.  But if a small amount of external heat was applied to the outside of the dome, it would allow the cannabinoids to run to the domes lowest point much more quickly.

In addition, I think that a unit such as this would work much more efficiently.  If a slow moving device like a fan or impeller turning at 60 to 120 RPM was installed on the inside the dome.  Which would then force the cannabinoids outwards, so they could stick to the inside of the dome more quickly.

The thermostatically controlled heating element which heats the bowl, would only need to reach a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 204.44 degrees Celsius to accomplish this process properly.  Due to the fact that by the time the contents of the bowl have reached this temperature, whatever available cannabinoids the contents of the bowl contains, will slowly be vaporized off.

The speed at which this all takes place, depends on the amount of extract or resin that the bowl contains and it may take quite some time, before all the cannabinoids have adhered to the inside of the dome.

0ne might be tempted to simply add more heat to accomplish this task more quickly, but I feel that by doing so it could very well harm the medical potency of the extract being produced.  So I would prefer to do this in a much slower fashion, using temperatures which I know would not harm the potency of the finished extracts.

A device such as this could be manufactured in any size. But the way I look at it the bigger the better, especially if you wish to produce larger quantities to treat many patients.


This new method I have just described, could also be used to increase the medical potency of oils produced using other methods, or if one was forced to produce oil from lower quality starting material. If a lower grade oil was put in the bowl of the vaporizer, it could then vaporize the medicinal cannabinoids off and leave any unwanted substances behind in the bowl.

You may lose quite a bit of weight by doing this, but the resulting oil collected from the vaporizer dome, should be far more medicinally active than the oil you started out with, since it now contains only pure cannabinoids. Remember, it’s the quality of the oil that really matters not the quantity, so if you need a higher quality oil to treat a patient more effectively, you may lose some weight but you will gain a much more effective medicine.


I have no use for pharmaceutical companies who now wish to become involved with this oils production, because all they seem to be concerned about is making money and I am sure that anything they supplied, would come at a very extravagant price. About the only legitimate claim that pharmaceutical companies could make about the production of these oils, is that they could produce this medication in a purer fashion, than the average person could. But by using a simple device such as I have described, just about anyone could produce these oils in their purest form possible and this would dispose of most arguments that the pharmaceutical industry could possibly have.

Even the use of solvents to produce these oils could be eliminated, if we were to use resin collectors to obtain the medicinal resins and then cleanse them with pure water.  After being dried the resins could then be vaporized into oils, which have unbelievable healing powers. In a short time from now, I believe that we will be able to determine what cannabinoid levels are required, to treat each and every illness, in the most effective way. Once we have this knowledge and simple methods become available to test the cannabinoid levels accurately, in the extracts we are manufacturing and we know how to produce our own high quality medicinal oils, in their purest form for medicinal use.  I have little doubt that we will no longer require most pharmaceutical drugs and this will probably spell an end to the manipulation, we have all endured at the hands of these so-called pharmaceutical companies.

Since vaporizers of many different varieties are already commonly available, I do not see how a unit such as I have described could be patented and I would have a very low opinion of anyone who tried to do so. I consider this new method of producing extracts to be my own intellectual property, because it appears that I am the one who discovered it and brought this information to the public’s attention.

Since I do not think that anything in regards to medicine, or the equipment needed to produce it should be restricted by patents, I have decided to make this knowledge widely known, so others who are interested in producing their own extracts, might benefit from this knowledge.

In the near future I intend to bring out my own line of high quality equipment, such as the vaporizer that I have just described and since I feel that others who manufacture goods like this, often tend to overcharge the public, I will be making the units which I intend to distribute, available at the lowest price possible.

From my point of view, we must all have the right to produce our own extracts, if indeed we are to call ourselves truly free and this also goes for any equipment needed, to bring these extracts up to their highest medical potency.

So here is something that all you do it yourselfers, should be able to build without too much difficulty and I am sure that once you see the healing powers of extracts produced in this manner.  Then I believe you will find the time and effort it takes to build this equipment, to be well spent and it should also eliminate any concerns, about solvent residue remaining in the finished extracts.


Rick Simpson